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8 Reasons Why Videography Will Help Your Business

It’s easy to see why video is so trendy these days, it’s an easy-to-digest source that gives us a rest from a huge load of information online. This would be why the world reportedly watches 1 billion hours of YouTube social video per day.

We live in a world where people look for solutions to their problems on the web. From social media platforms, blogs, websites to video streaming services, there are so many things to keep us from boredom today. And not only for those of us who use the internet for personal needs to keep up with the latest trends and news; businesses also use these tools to run their promotional activities.

Here we’ll outline some best practices for digital marketers to create and share video, and highlight 5 key reasons why video is so crucial to your marketing strategy.

1. Reach more potential customers through social media

Video is one of the top shared content on social media, and if your video is relevant to your audience, they will share it with others who would see it as useful information. This gives your message the opportunity to engage potential customers and get your content out there to reach the right people if it’s effective in its messaging.

2. Increased Relatability & Trust

Nothing helps your audience identify and relate to your business than a solid brand video. People like buying from genuine people. This is when a well produced video becomes important! There are many videographers in Queensland, but are they all good at making the video emotionally connecting with the audience? Well, COVISUALS has the best videographers in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine coast, who will put a face to a name and allow an audience to see the genuine nature of your business and offer. If they have confidence in you, that will hugely increase their likelihood to buy from you.

3. Convey more information in less time (and more than just information)

“Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. Think about the heavy lifting your cognitive system has to do when reading an article vs. watching a video clip!”

- Liraz Margalit Ph.D.

Video is a more passive experience than reading text, it’s much easier for the audience to become immersed in what you’re conveying to them. COVISUALS produce videos in not only more information being conveyed but an emotional quality that’s near impossible to match in the written word.

4. Google loves video

Google search engine is designed to find the most relevant information and get it to the user, the more informative Google deems the information or content, the more likely it is going to put it further up the user’s search results. Also Googles own YouTube – the second largest search engine globally, and since this acquisition Google algorithms heavily favour video content over text-based. Lucky for you, COVISUALS also does digital marketing for business owners like you! From designing a video, to produce it and help you putting it up on your website. Our highly experienced team ensures to rise your ranking in the google search results, design best keywords and SEO plan in order to help you to gain more visitors to your website!

5. Stand out from the crowd

There’s no doubt about it: video is an important part of content marketing and it’s only going to become more essential. You still have the opportunity to stand out from the competition by making use of this powerful marketing tool. Use it to introduce your brand to newcomers, answer your website visitors’ questions, or just to make them laugh—not to mention create a favourable and lasting impression.

COVISUALS has the best and cheapest videographers in Queensland Brisbane, Gold coast, sunshine coast and other surrounding regions making most cost-efficient videos for you. Our aim is not only producing a solid brand video to act as a means to distil your message, we also targeting at sending out a statement to all those potential customers out there about how you’re aligned with them and that you’re the solution they’ve been searching for.

6. Improved SEO

First off, utilising video in content marketing efforts will no doubt improve your SEO. In fact, according to Comscore, adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by 53 time!

Of course, that’s when you do it right. COVISUALS has the best digital marketing team in Queensland Brisbane, gold coast, and sunshine coast helping you designing a SEO plan from zero! Did I mention that our SEO plan also includes a video production package, with best videographers in Queensland Brisbane, and digital marketing team who has made many accounts successful! Want to learn more about how to properly optimise your videos for search? Check out our marketing team to get a free quote for your business!

7. Stronger Consumer Attention

Video have been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium. And while we’re in the midst of what some might call a content-overload for consumers, capturing attention is key. COVISUALS has a team who have been working in the entertainment industry and gaining attention from the audiences? Thats what we do at best!

“The attention economy is not growing, which means we have to grab the attention that someone else has today.” –Brent Leary, Co-Founder, CRM Essentials

8. Increased Conversions

The number one reason for using video in your content marketing plan? Video converts more customers. Simple, right? Recent research shows that 71% of marketers say video conversion rates outperform other marketing content. Need we say more?

Email us to get a free quote! We will design the best, and personalised cost-efficient video package for you!


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